The Program of Education for International Understanding

With the cooperation of international students of universities, (mainly Waseda University and others) we have the program of education for international understanding for children at elementary schools in Honjo area.
This program can help a lot in promoting a spirit of international mindedness and to hold a global perspective while having a cultural exchange.
Furthermore, this makes the precious opportunity for children not only gaining knowledge about foreign countries but rethink our Japanese culture as well.

Apply to International Understanding Volunteer.

We recruit International students studying at Japanese Universities as volunteers.

  • Do you like children? Are you interested in volunteering activities or education for international understanding? If your answer is yes, come and join this program to visit a Japanese elementary school and introduce your own country in either Japanese or English to everyone! You will also get to interact with children and see what Japanese school life is like.

For this program, international students will be asked to prepare some material (Power Point files including map, national flag, phots etc.) introducing their own countries briefly, and then show their country’s game or songs and play with them.

If you want to be a volunteer, please feel free to contact us below.

Before you apply

  1. The organizer of this program will contact you to arrange the schedule and to provide more information about this program.
  2. Lunch will be provided depending on the school, however, please bring your own lunch if you have specific dietary restrictions.
  3. An honorarium will be paid for your cooperation on the volunteer day.
  4. Joining with your friends is more than welcome.
  5. Although this is a volunteer program, you will be teaching an actual class of the school. Please make sure that you do not drop out of the program or be late for the volunteer day.